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My journey into researching how to put my family’s health and wellbeing into our own hands, before needing to go to the doctor or buying over-
the-counter, chemically produced medications, started when my doctors did not know how to treat my medical issues and had me leave the office with this advice:


That answer was not only frustrating, but discouraging and depressing.

I started researching alternative health options. I came across a few things that have really changed my life, family, environment, and health. It provided a complete turnaround for me, Mind, Body, and Spirit.

I discovered Ayurveda. (Google it - I could use an infinite amount of space discussing this topic alone). Through Ayurveda research, I learned about Essential Oils, all natural solutions to my health issues and the health and wellbeing of those around me.

After a 5-year search, I discovered a company
that I felt 100% confident in to purchase and use their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils that are co-sourced from the country of origin. They are co-sourced by the families that have been processing Essential Oils for generations.

These oils have been used by even the most skeptical of family members that now give testimony to the wonderful benefits they received by using them.  To learn about these oils, please visit my website and learn about the only oils I entrust my family, home, and my health care to.

As a
Wellness Advocate, I use Essential Oils every day, and in many different ways, with my family and in my home. My passion is to get at least one bottle of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil into the homes of as many people as I am able.

I found, as I was introducing people and teaching classes about the many benefits and uses of Essential Oils, that many people did not know what to do with the them
once they had them, OR they learned “one use” for the Essential Oil of their choice that was beneficial for their home and family and did not know any other way that the EO’s could also be used.

Mama Laura’s Aromatherapy & More was created, one evening, on our l
iving room couch when my husband and I came up with the plan to start making aromatherapy bracelets using stone and precious stone beads and lava rocks. This had a dual purpose; introducing the Essential Oils and providing a product to use the oils on. This dual purpose is great for those that already use and are looking for other ways to use them. Just a drop of your favorite EO of choice onto the lava rock, the oil will soak into the dry lava rock and will permeate the air with the movements of your arm or a breeze. This gives a subtle aroma of the Essential Oil of your choice throughout your day. This made it possible for me to offer oil lovers something to use the oils on at the same time I was introducing people to the benefits and other uses of the oils. The bracelets became very popular among my friends, family, and Facebook friends. So much so that my husband and I were excited and humbled by the interest in the bracelets, and the curiosity of those people that loved the bracelets. We realized that the bracelets were introducing the Essential Oils to people and the Essential Oils I share were introducing people to my bracelets. These two businesses complimented each other perfectly. I then implemented aromatherapy necklaces, car diffusers, and room diffusers. We began researching the many other products that are used in conjunction with Essential Oils to live a healthy, chemical free life: Glass Water Bottles, Steel Straws, and USB diffusers for Laptops, to name a few.  These products that we have invested in, and are selling, have had such great attention that, “Mama Laura’s Aromatherapy & More” was no longer something we were creating, it had taken on a life of its’ own. We have chosen to let it take us where it is meant to go!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! I look forward to providing you with quality a
romatherapy products through this website and Essential Oils through this website or directly through my Essential Oils">website.

Come back often as things will change and new products will be added.

Laura Robbins
Mama Laura’s Aromatherapy & More

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